Drawn2Nature Whitepaper

Drawn2Nature NFT Project Whitepaper and Roadmap

About the Project

The Drawn2Nature NFT project is an experiment in virtual art that combines nature photography with artificial intelligence optimization and hand drawn sketch animations to provide an experience that builds a bridge between the beauty of nature and the beauty of the metaverse.

Our NFTs are built to infinitely loop, allowing them to be displayed on a decorative display in either the physical or virtual worlds. Each subject photo is a unique view of something from nature taken by Melannie and Lloyd Duhon during their travels. Each NFT includes information in the metadata about the subject as well as the location and time frame that the original photo was taken.


Holders of any Volume 1 Drawn2Nature NFT may apply for the OG role on our Discord server. All members who hold OG role will have 24-hour advanced access to purchase from a pool of up to half of the initial mint of any Drawn2Nature collection. Additional utility may be announced at any time.


Each NFT released will carry the policy ID of TK which expires on TK and will have a 5% on chain royalty associated with resale.


A donation of 10% of all initial sales will be made to Conservation Florida https://www.conserveflorida.org/ and a proof of donation will be filed on Arweave and linked from the Discord and website.

Learn More

Drawn2Nature provides support and announcements regarding the project on Discord, at https://discord.gg/czEV5W2QwA

Drawn2Nature information, policy IDs, and proof of donation is available at https://drawn2nature.info/


Volume 1 Releases:

Drawn2Nature – Drawn2Flowers

12 Copies of each of 10 individual flower portraits. Sales price 55 ADA each.

Drawn2Nature – Drawn2Sunrise

12 Copies of each of 10 Beach Sunrise photographs. Sales price 55 ADA each.

Drawn2Nature – Drawn2Birds

12 Copies of each of 10 Seabirds photographed in Florida. Sales price 55 ADA each.

Drawn2Nature – Drawn2Forests

12 Copies of each of 10 Forest photos. Sales price 55 ADA each.

Volume 2 will be announced upon the completion of sales of volume 1.